Whilst all legal restrictions were removed in July 2021, we are still asking members to observe precautions during our walks to minimise the risks from Covid 19.

All leaders are currently required to obtain contact details of everyone on their walks for “track and trace” purposes. These details are held for three weeks and then destroyed, in line with the Ramblers’ advice to their own groups and associated walking clubs.

Face coverings should be worn at all times on public transport to and from the walk. During coach trips, for the safety and reassurance of all members, we still require masks to be worn at all times when travelling on the coach.



(Advance booking required due to limited space) NOTE new start time 1.30 at St. Columba’s Church. If planning to attend, please contact Sarah or John Shilleto beforehand so we can plan for numbers expected.
WALK AND SUMMER MEAL (Sunday 22 August)

Choice of walks, followed by meal for all members at The Yew Tree Inn, Otley


All at St. Columba’s, Headingley. PLEASE NOTE VARIABLE DATES AND TIMES

Monday 12th July
Tuesday 14th September
Monday 8th November

Provisional event (Sunday 5 December). Contact Sarah (0113 253 6624 or 07745 124 327 ) from 1 October.


Saturday Walks
These are normally around 7 to 8 miles, unless a greater distance is stated, and are taken at a steady pace. On some Saturdays a separate 'D' walk is also arranged.
‘D’ Walks
On alternate Saturdays, and on most Sunday Coach Trips, a 'D' walk will also be offered. These will be round about 5 miles, with very little ascent, and are taken at a leisurely pace.
Sunday ‘A’ Walks
Usually strenuous full day walks around 13 to 17 miles. (Note: 'A' walks may be subject to change depending on the availability of transport).
Sunday ‘B’ Walks
Less strenuous, no more than 15 miles but typically around 10 to 13 miles.
Sunday ‘C’ Walks
Gentle walks, not more than 8 miles.
Coach Outings

Coach Outings leave from King Street, opposite Metropole Hotel. A coach outing may combine ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ walks, and may also be joined by members who simply wish to enjoy a day out in the town or area being visited. Coaches will return from the destination at the times shown.

Members may reserve places by sending the full payment to Jim & Joan Armstrong (Tel: 0113 255 3591), no later than the Monday before departure, and stating where they wish to board the coach (see Pick Up Points below). Other members will be carried on a & first come, first served" basis and may board en route if the coach is not full, but seats cannot be saved for those who have not paid in advance.

Bookings will not be accepted more than one month in advance.

Car Rambles
Due to current restrictions resulting from Covid-19, all car rambles in this syllabus are shown as meeting at the starting point of the walk. Times shown are the intended time to start walking. Please contact the leader beforehand to confirm your intention to attend and to check travel arrangements.
Slide Shows
Slide Shows are held in the Small Hall, St. Columba's Church, Otley Road, Headingley at 1.30pm (Please note the new time.)


(Different stops may apply for Club Weekends)

Members not joining at King Street MUST let Jim & Joan Armstrong know intended pick up point when booking. On the return journey, members wanting the Bus Station may also be set down in York Street.

  • 8.45 Jaw Bones, Wood Lane, Rothwell
  • 9.00 King Street
  • then Library P.H., Woodhouse Moor
  • Headingley, opposite Arndale Centre
  • Ring Road, bus stop on Leeds side
  • Lawnswood, parade of shops
  • Start of Otley By Pass, Leeds side of roundabout
  • 8.45 Jaw Bones, Wood Lane, Rothwell
  • 9.00 King Street
  • then Oakwood, Wetherby bus stop
  • Top of Wellington Hill, bus stop beyond Ring Road
ROUTE 3 (via YORK ROAD / A64)
  • 8.45 Jaw Bones, Wood Lane, Rothwell
  • 9.00 King Street
  • then Oakwood, Wetherby bus stop
  • Seacroft, Red Lion P.H., York Road
ROUTE 4 (via M1 SOUTH) and 5 (via M621)
  • 8.20 Jaw Bones, Wood Lane, Rothwell
  • 8.45 Oakwood, opposite Wetherby bus stop
  • 9.00 King Street
  • then (Route 4 only) M1, Junction 41 slip road
  • 8.45 Jaw Bones, Wood Lane, Rothwell
  • 9.00 King Street
  • then Oakwood, Roundhay Park bus stop
  • Moortown Corner, Harrogate bus stop
  • St. John's Church, Harrogate bus stop


  1. Applications will not be considered valid until the booking deposit is received by the treasurer (i.e. telephone calls will not reserve a place until payment has been made).
  2. Applying prior to the opening date will not guarantee acceptance. All valid applications received before the end of the date advertised for the opening of bookings will be treated equally. If this exceeds the number of places available, a draw will be made and the unsuccessful names will be placed on the waiting list. Priority will be given to those hosting the weekend or who have agreed to lead walks, also to any members who lost out in a previous draw for places. Subsequent applications received will be added to the waiting list.
  3. If at the end of the opening date some places remain unfilled, further applications will be accepted (in strict order of receipt of deposits) until all places are taken, and then a waiting list will apply.
  4. If any members cancel, their places will be offered to those at the top of the waiting list wherever possible. Where a weekend is fully booked and a replacement can be found, the member cancelling may be refunded.


These are not meant to restrict walkers’ enjoyment of the day out, but rather as guidelines intended to aid the comfort and safety of all members


You should be adequately equipped, wearing suitable footwear, and carrying clothing appropriate to the prevailing weather conditions which can change during the day.

The leader reserves the right not to accept into the party anyone he or she considers not to be adequately equipped.

All walkers must carry their own food, drink and spare clothing. A torch, whistle and basic first aid kit are also recommended, and a mobile phone could be useful in an emergency.

Enjoy the views, but always take particular care when crossing rough ground or in slippery or muddy conditions.

Members and walkers are reminded that they attend walks in this syllabus at their own risk and that they are responsible for their own personal safety.

Choose a group which walks at a comfortable pace for you. If you are finding the walk too fast or too slow, try joining one of the other parties next time. The description in the front of the syllabus of the various walk categories gives a general indication of what to expect, but can only be an approximate guide.

Don’t get ahead of the leaders. They can’t be expected to chase after members who push on ahead and who may get separated from the party.

If you decide to leave the party during the walk, always tell the leader first.

Observe the country code. Fasten all gates, take care not to damage walls or fences and leave no litter.

Dogs are not permitted on any C.H.A. ramble.

Carry mobile phones for emergency use only. Their use during the walk can spoil the enjoyment of other members of the party - please be considerate.

And finally, we are always open to new venues for walks and new leaders to take the pressure off the “old stalwarts.” If you think you could lead a walk (perhaps jointly with a more experienced member at first), please complete this slip and return to the relevant section organiser found on the Contact Us page.


(These notes apply to all walks, but are especially relevant to coach outings when members have a choice of walks and a late return could delay the other parties).

Try to verify the route prior to the day of the walk. If using public transport, check the bus or train times beforehand as they may have altered after the syllabus was printed.

Ensure the pace and length of the walk are appropriate to the group (i.e. A, B or C) and there is time to complete it without being late back.

Be prepared to shorten the walk if the party is slower than expected.

Always check numbers before setting off and at intervals during the walk.

Do not lose the back of the party! — In poor visibility appoint a back marker and keep in touch regularly.

Allow adequate rest stops, particularly for slower walkers after they have caught up the main party.

Ensure all members have got back safely at the end of the walk.

When leading a walk for a coach trip, please liaise with the other leaders beforehand if possible to ensure the drop off and pick up arrangements are compatible.